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  • Welcome Tongli Grain Machinery!

    We are based in the south of Jiangsu Province, the heartland of Yangtze River delta. Surrounded by Yangtze River, Taihu Lake, Shanghai, Suzhou and Changzhou, our area is crowned as one of fifteen China’s most robust economic centers. We won approval from our clients for reliable quality, reasonable price and sound performance. We house couple of engineers and technicians who have long and in-depth experience in designing animal feed machine and electricity, fulfilled by skilled worker in delivering carefully crafted machines. Thanks to enduring cooperation with colleges, our design capabilities keep sharpening and advancing, processing techniques always among front level in China.

    We have many professional personnel and production management elites with rich experience in production management. Assimilating advanced technology both at home and abroad, we developed series of new products used in China and dozens of foreign countries over the past few years. Our quality equipment set, professional installation and debugging team, back stage technical support are highly recognized by the industrial users in livestock feed, aquatic feed, premix, forage feed, compound fertilizer, biological fermentation and biomass pellet.

    Our tenet “Professional Product, Sincere Service and Common Prosperity” is echoed within our clients. We pay attention to each single product and emphasizes every detail while keeping rapid delivery. We have the courage to face varieties of needs and meet them. We treat our clients with heartful attitude to provide satisfactory services. Taking integrity as our basis, quality as a means, technology as a guidance, we welcome clients from all industries or regions. You will be guaranteed mutual benefit and common development with us. We have the honor to see you in our base.

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